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Ethically Driven Marketing & PR solutions with Research-Backed Impact



Erica Castillo is a full-time Marketing and Communications Management Consultant serving small businesses, nonprofits & and governments. With a career background in the nonprofit, private, and local government sectors, Erica has a unique skill set in providing research-based marketing and PR management and strategy for a variety of clients and industries. With 10+ years of freelance consulting experience, Erica is an expert at working behind the scenes to ensure her clients are optimized to re-establish their position as industry leaders.

In addition to leading the charge at Unita, Erica is the Co-Founder and Director of the California Small Fitness Facilities Association, a 501c3 CA nonprofit focused on providing support, education, and technical assistance to fitness, health, and wellness-based small businesses in CA. Learn more about their advocacy and impact  here

Our mission is to provide high-quality expertise and services based on research, innovation, and strategy. We have a proven track record of elevating the visibility and credibility of our clients who are dedicated to making a positive contribution to their communities.

With a commitment to ethical principles and standards, we take pride in nurturing enduring relationships, building trust, and delivering impactful outcomes for our clients.


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